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PMIR 823: Industrial Relations and Labour Law I

This guide points to research tools and databases that students can use for research assignments in PMIR 823.

Scholarly Literature

Scholarly literature such as books, book chapters, and journal articles can provide in-depth analyses and critiques of legal issues. They may also address implications of the law on workplace and on society, as well as making recommendations for change.

Queen's Library's search engine, Omni, can help you find scholarly literature on your topic from across all academic disciplines.

Here are some search tips that can help you locate scholarly literature on a legal topic using Omni:

  • Use keywords and short phrases that describe the specific legal topic you are researching (e.g. off duty conduct social media). 
  • To retrieve sources that address the law in a specific jurisdiction, make the jurisdiction one of your search terms. (e.g. off duty conduct canada).
  • If you need the search results to focus on the topic from a legal perspective, try including the word 'law' as a search term (e.g. addiction workplace law).
  • To narrow your search results to online resources only, use the 'Available online' search filter on the left side of the search results page.


Other Useful Databases

Scholarly articles across all subject areas.
Business Source Premier
International business and management academic journals and industry publications. Includes human resources, compensation and benefits, labor relations, management theory, economics, organizational behaviour, conflict resolution, negotiation and more. Includes full-text of the Harvard Business Review.   EBSCO search platform
Includes both scholarly and popular Canadian journals and magazines
Provides full-text access and/or indexing to thousands of business sources, including scholarly journals, magazines, trade publications, financial newspapers, books, dissertations, company, country, and industry reports, videos and more. Includes a mix of practical and theoretical content that covers all areas of business including accounting, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, information systems, international business, management, marketing, operations research and strategy.    ProQuest search platform
Psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences academic articles and studies. Covers organizational behaviour.