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Professional Studies

Searching for a known journal article

Education Source is the primary database in Education studies. Begin your search here.

Step by step directions 

If you have a citation to a journal article I recommend using the Summon Search box on the Library home page. As always you will need to be logged in for off-campus access before you begin. Click on the Off-Campus Access key in the upper right area of the Library homepage.

The Summon Search box searches across all of Queen's Library holdings so this is a comprehensive search of all our books, databases, journals, magazines and video content. If you supply the title of your article here it is the quickest way to locate it.

Alternately, if you have difficulty navigating Omni you can search Education Source. I'll show you below how to find this article using Education Source:

Blakeley, A., Miller, L., Boulanger, D., Ashe, B., Cammarano, N., Laney, C., & ... Hastings, K. (2014). Tell me about... How STEM instruction should change. Educational Leadership72(4), 93-94.

Rather than using the Omni box, select the Databases link below it:

Type Education Source in the form and click search:


Supply your article title and the journal name in which it appears in two separate fields by changing the drop down boxes to (article) Title and Journal Name:

Once you click search the database will find the article by that title in that journal:

Note the PDF full text icon is at the foot of the result to take you directly to the article and other management options are available under the Share area at top right.

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