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Research Instrument Information in CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health)

  CINAHL Research
Instrument Guides
CINAHL Field Code CINAHL Subject

Researched and created by CINAHL staff, Instrument Guides provide information such as:

  • purpose of the instrument
  • population addressed
  • variables measured
  • methodology
  • where the original study was mentioned
  • how to obtain the instrument

Note: guides are somewhat outdated--many were produced before 2000 and have not been updated.

To quickly zero in on articles which have used a specific research instrument, search using "IN" which is the CINAHL field code for Instrumentation.

Field codes are 2-letter abbreviations that let you search a specific field within the description of a database record. 



Each of these subject headings may have more specific headings, so be sure to explore the CINAHL thesaurus hierarchies.

Scope notes provide a definition for each heading.

Key CINAHL subject headings:

  • Instrument Validation
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Research Instruments
  • Research Measurement
  • Validation Study

To browse Guides, leave the search box blank. In the Publication Type drop-down box, click on "Research Instrument".

To search for Guides on a certain topic, enter the search term(s) then click on the "Research Instrument" limit in the Publication Type drop-down box.

In the CINAHL search box, type "IN" (in upper case) followed by your search term, e.g. "IN accidental falls." 


Combine one or more of these subject headings with other search terms in order to identify journal articles which describe the instrumentation used in studies.