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Guide to Research and Citation for CLELJ Editors

Using the McGill Guide

Citing Decisions from Adminsitrative Tribunals

See 3.15 of the McGill Guide - "Administrative Bodies and Tribunals"

If the decision is from a printed reporter, follow 3.15.1. You will see it follows the pattern for court cases. The main difference is its guidance on how to render the style of cause and how to handle abbreviations of the tribunals.

If the decision is online, follow 3.15.2.

Citing Labour Arbitration Decisions

See 3.17 of the McGill Guide - "Arbitration Cases"

As the section notes, the rules are the same as for other types of cases, but there is guidance on what to include if there is no style of cause, what type of identifier is needed if there is no reporter, and the need to include the name of the arbitrator if at all possible.