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An introduction to Sociology resources at Queen's

Style Guides

American Sociological Association Style Guide (6th edition)
Stauffer Library Reference Collection: REF HM569.A54 2019

Quick Tips for ASA Style
Guide for how to cite references using the American Sociological Association style.

This style and reference guide follows the American Sociological Association Style Guide on most points there are some minor, but important, differences introduced for the purposes of undergraduate essays in the Queen's Department of Sociology. You should read through this guide before you begin to write your essay and refer to it when referencing ideas, paraphrasing, or making direct quotations.

Writing Manuals

Definitions in Sociology: Convergence, Conflict and Alternative Vocabularies: Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Research Reports and Theses
Stauffer Library: REF HM17.D43

The Sociology Student Writer's Manual
Stauffer Library: REF HM585.S638 2010
Provides information about the basic skills of writing, formatting, source citations, grammar, sentence structure, research, and utilizing available sources.

A Sociology Writer's Guide
Stauffer Library: HM585.Y45 2009

Citation Managers

Citation management tools allow a user to collect, organize and retrieve one's personal library of citations, and insert properly formatted footnotes or citations into a paper and create a properly formatted bibliography using one's preferred citation style.

Consult the Queen's Library guide to citation managers for more information.