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SOCY 476: Surveillance Between Power and Resistance

The Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC) at Queen’s University
The SSC is a world-renowned multidisciplinary research centre committed to high quality research on the rapidly growing field of surveillance studies. Current research activities explore the contemporary monitoring, tracking, management and control of people through such systems as camera surveillance, ID systems, biometrics, social media, border and airport controls.

The Surveillance Studies Network (SSN)
Surveillance Studies Network (SSN) is a registered charitable company dedicated to the study of surveillance in all its forms, and the free distribution of scholarly information.

The Citizen Lab
The Citizen Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, focusing on research, development, and high-level strategic policy and legal engagement at the intersection of information and communication technologies, human rights, and global security.

The Snowden Surveillance Archive
The Snowden Archive is a collection of all documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that have subsequently been published by news media. This archive is the result of a research collaboration between Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) and the Politics of Surveillance Project at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. Partners and supporters of this initiative include the Surveillance Studies Centre, Queen's University; the Digital Curation Institute, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto; and the Centre for Free Expression, Faculty of Communications and Design, Ryerson University.