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Translational Medicine


Welcome to the library guide for translational medicine! Your gateway to library resources and information to support your studies at Queen's University! 

Health Sciences Librarians are available to answer questions and to meet with individuals or groups for consultations by phone, online, or in person.

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Related Websites

CTSciNet Resources 
CTSciNet, the Clinical and Translational Science Network, is an online community for people interested in or already pursuing careers in clinical and translational research.

Created as a national effort to collect wisdom, tools, educational materials, and other items useful for clinical and translational researchers and to provide timely and useful advice to clinical and translational researchers with specific problems.

European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM)
The European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM) is a non-profit and neutral global healthcare organization whose principal objective is to enhance world-wide healthcare by facilitating rapid translation of scientific discoveries into therapeutics.

Society for Translational Medicine (STM)
Established in Dec 11, 2012 in Hong Kong, is a global non-profit organization whose principal objective is to improve the survival and quality of life of patients by using translational medicine approaches, resources and expertise, as well as promoting collaborative research, evidence-based medicine, medical innovations and continuous medical education.