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Open and Affordable Course Materials

1. Keeping Your Textbook Up-to-Date

[Content under construction.  Please check back soon!]

2. Assess the Impact of Your Textbook

A key outcome of your project should include an Impact Assessment Plan describing how use of your new open textbook impacted both your teaching and the student learning experience.  Impact measures can include: 

  • Estimated student savings compared to a commercial textbook 
  • Estimated number of students who will take course
  • Usage data for open content eg number of downloads, views etc.
  • Evidence that your openly licensed content has been re-mixed and re-used by other educators, both at Queen’s and beyond.  E.g.derrivitive works (if permitted via your chosen license)
  • Student, co-author, instructor testimonials describing their experience with using your textbook.

For help and advice on your Impact Assessment Plan, including support with creating bite-sized testimonials and other impact evidence, please email: