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Open Educational Resources

Integrate OERs into Your Teaching


The following steps illustrates a typical development process for adapting an existing OER or creating a new OER (adapted from the OER Handbook for Educators):

  1. Find: Search and find OERs, including an existing open textbook or an individual resource. Locate OERs using search engines, repositories and individual websites.
  2. Either:
    • ‚ÄčAdopt: adopt an existing OER as-is, without making any changes, or
    • Adapt: adapt the resource to make it more useful to a particular situation. For example: adding contextual information specifically for the Canadian context etc.  Or take two or more OER materials and remix them to form a new OER. 
    • Create: create your own open textbook or individual OER
  3. License: License the work using an open content licenses such as Creative Commons to enable re-use by others
  4. Publish and distributepublish the OER once it is finished and make it available to others to begin the life cycle again
  5. Re-Use: the actual use of the new OER for your own teaching purposes.