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Open Educational Resources

Find OERs

There are a number of generic and subject specific repositories and websites where you can find free openly licensed content which can be adapted to your teaching and learning.

Find Openly Licensed Content for Re-Use

The following resources provide free access to course materials such as assignments, readings, lecture notes, presentations, educational videos, and more.

The following projects publish, compile, or provide access to Open Access textbooks.

How to Google search for openly licensed resources

  • When you do a Google Search filter your results to only find images, videos, or text that you have permission to use
    • Go to the Google Image search and type in a search term and hit enter. You can then filter and sort your results by clicking on the ‘Tools’ button just below the search bar with additional filters for item size, colour, type, time, usage rights, or more tools
    • Click on ‘Usage rights’. This will provide a drop down menu with the following options:
      • Not filtered by license
      • Labeled for reuse with modification
      • Labeled for reuse
      • Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification
      • Labeled for non-commercial reuse

Search Creative Commons

Search Creative Commons to find content licensed under a Creative Commons license aggregated from a range of public repositories.

Integrate Library Resources

Make best use of resources Queen’s University Library already pays for (i.e. subscribed/purchased library content) to support your teaching and learning.  Visit the Library website for more information.

For help locating Library resources, connect with your Subject Librarian.