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Chinese Pamphlets Political Communication and Mass Education
Pamphlets, picture books, and other propaganda issued during the early years of the People’s Republic between 1947 and 1954.
This is the "street literature" of the revolution which was distributed to the population of the provincial cities and villages.


Dziennik Zwiazkowy
The first ten years (1908–17) of Dziennik Zwiazkowy, founded in Chicago in 1908 by the Polish National Alliance. Representing local, national, and international issues of concern to the Polish community, the paper continues today as the Polish Daily News.


Slavery and Manumission Manuscripts of Timbuktu
Digitized versions of approximately 200 19th-century manuscripts (in Arabic) relating to slavery and manumission in Timbuktu. These provide documentation on Africans in slavery in Muslim societies


Brazilian Government Documents
Digitized executive branch serial documents issued by Brazil’s national government between 1821 and 1993, and by its provincial governments from the earliest available for each province to the end of the first Republic in 1930.


Pamphlets and Periodicals of the French Revolution of 1848
Digital collection of pamphlets and periodicals from the French Revolution of 1848 held by Center for Research Libraries.


Digital South Asia Library
The Digital South Asia Library provides digital materials for reference and research on South Asia, including books and journals, full-text dictionaries, bibliographies, images, maps, and statistical information from the colonial period through the present.



Documents, newspapers, books and journals are some of the items CRL has scanned in response to scholars' requests for CRL material.

CRL also selects thematic groups of unique materials to digitize, which can be found in the CRL catalog or Digital Collections.