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Center for Research Libraries

Foreign Journals & Newspapers

CRL holds over 66,000 serials including a large collection of trade journals from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century. It has rich historical collections, as well as current subscriptions to more than 7,000 titles rarely held in North American libraries, including the following categories:

  • Foreign-language science and technology periodicals
  • US trade and industrial journals
  • South Asian serials
  • Southeast Asian serials
  • Retrospective print archive of titles digitized through JSTOR. 

CRL has vast holdings of newspapers from all regions of the world; and collections of scripts, transcripts, and translations of news reports, produced or compiled by the British Broadcasting Corporation, CBS, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, and the Voice of America.

Newspaper holdings include over 16,000 titles, more than 10,000 of which are published outside the U.S. CRL endeavors to collect extensive  complete runs of newspaper titles.

How to Search for Newspapers

Go to the Catalog Search Options, or alternatively, go to the Catalogue. Select the Newspapers tab.

One can browse by country; the search results will display the country entry subdivided by smaller geographic units, e.g. by city.

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