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MIR-850: Organizational Behavior

PsycINFO is a research database published by the American Psychological Association. It can be used to find information about work team dynamics, employee motivation, conflict resolution, leadership, cultural change, and more.

Go to PsycINFO on APA's PsycNET

Search Tips

Searching PsycINFO on PsycNET works fairly well without using the index terms from the thesaurus. However, your search results will be more accurate if you take advantage of the index terms as opposed to free text, Google-like searching.

To get the most out of PsycNET, the APA has created some valuable training materials:

  1. PsycINFO Quick Reference Guide
  2. Sample PsycINFO Search on PsycNET (via APA's YouTube channel)
  3. Using the Index Terms and Keywords Effectively (via APA's YouTube channel)