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Creating Accessible LibGuides

Creating Accessible LibGuides


Hyperlinks are used to link your document to a website or another document. Screen readers recognize links and make them searchable.

  • Ensure that the Hyperlink has context and describes where it leads.
    • For example: if linking to more information about a topic, instead of “click here", use "for more information visit our Topic page".
  • In addition to making link text unique, make it descriptive so that it is understood out of context.
    • Screen-reader users can adjust their software to read only the links on a page.
    • Links should provide enough information when read out of context.
  • When linking to a file, indicate the format and document size. For example: Accessible Documents (PDF 75KB).

Please Note: Copying and pasting content from outside sources can sometimes make a resource inaccessible. Use the remove formatting function to eliminate code that may be problematic.