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I-O Collections

Iroquois Indian: A Documentary History

This collection is a project of the D'Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Coverage is from the 1600's to 1842 and includes minutes of treaty conferences, the agreements resulting from formal meetings, and a broad range of background materials useful for interpreting motives, procedures, and effects. The documents have been chosen based on their relevance to the diplomatic history of the Iroquois nations or their league.

Most of the documents are manuscripts or printed texts arranged in chronological order. Some materials are copies of the same texts but from different sources, resulting in significant variations. Texts in languages other than English are also included, but rarely translated. Photographs of wampum belts have also been included to represent Indian records of negotiations. In most instances, however, it has not been possible to identify which belt represents a specific record. These images are grouped on Reel 50, based on emblematic content.

The Guide to the Collection has been divided into two sections:

  • Part I: Calendar of Documents (chronological listing for context)
  • Part II: Alphabetical index of names & subjects (refers only to about 1/6th of the documents on file and should be used with the Calendar to find particular documents or sets of related documents)

Location and Call Number: Stauffer Library Microfilms at Z1210 .I7 I76 1985

Guide: Stauffer Library Reference at Z1210 .I7 I76 1985


"The Iroquois League was a great military and political power in North America during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Its importance was recognized by contemporary statesmen of competing European empires and colonies, who vied with each other to secure Iroquois friendship and alliance. After 1700, the Iroquois policy of neutrality maintained a balance of power between the empires that lasted until the Seven Years War, and the Iroquois nations were wooed by Britain and the United States during the War of the American Revolution. It is not possible to write a valid political history of eastern North America during the era preceding the Revolution without carefully considering Iroquois participation in the most important events of the time; and the basis of the Northwest Ordinances of 1784-87 was the treaty made at Fort Stanwix between the United States and the Iroquois in 1784." -- from the Introduction to the Guide.

Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la Revolution, 1788-1790

Contains reproductions of 107 journals first published in France during 1788-1790 (some undated). There are 8 reels with reel-by-reel index of titles.

Location and Call Number: Stauffer Library Compact Shelving Microfilm no.015-105

Guide: Stauffer Library Reference DC140 .J68

The Left in Britain: A Checklist and Guide

This collection covers the British left movement over the twentieth century. It contains works going back to 1904 with full coverage of the Socialist Standard Journal (journal of the Socialist Party of Great Britain), along with Peace News and Socialist Commentary (both founded in the 1930s). Particular emphasis has been given to the post-WWII fecundity of the left, with emphasis on the 1950s through to the 1970s.

Thirty-seven left-wing political movements are covered in the initial collection, representing a variety of traditions: libertarianism and anarcho-syndicalism, pacifism, trade unionism, Labourism and Parliamentary Socialism, the "freak" left, Marxism, Trotskyism, Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism, and the various hybrids of these traditions. The collection is in 4 parts, representing 71,000 pages of original material that has been organised by title, author, and chronological indexing.

Several supplements have been added after the original Checklist and Guide was produced. The following supplements are available in the Queen's collection:

  • The Left in Britain during 1973 and 1974, Parts 1 and 2: A Bibliographical Guide (extra material from 1904-1972)
  • The Left in Britain during 1975 and 1976 , Parts 1 and 2: A Bibliographical Guide (updates to Part III, 1973-1978 & Part IV, 1975-1978)
  • The Left in Britain during 1977 and 1978, Parts 1 and 2: A Bibliographical Guide (extra material from 1962-1976)
  • The Left in Britain during 1979 and 1980, Parts 1 and 2: A Bibliographical Guide (extra material from 1975-1978)
  • The Left in Britain during 1981 and 1982, Parts 1 and 2: A Bibliographical Guide (extra material from 1946-1980)

Note: The dates in the titles of the supplements do not correspond to their respective publication dates.

Location and Call Number:
Stauffer Library Compact Shelving at Microfilm HX no.016 (Parts 1, 3, & 4)
Stauffer Library Microform Collection at Microfiche No.751 (Parts 1 & 2)

Guide: Stauffer Library Reference and Books at Z7165 .G8 S65


  • For additional reference, and to cross-check dates and facts with the initial collection, see David Wrigley's The Left in Britain, 1956-68 (1976; HX249 .L43), published just after the completion of the first guide.
  • Parts 1, 3, & 4 are in microfilm format: Reels 1 to 10 are missing out of 84 reels.
  • The supplementary Parts 1 & 2 are in microfiche format. Part 1 of the microfiche set consists of 383 fiches. Part 2 consists of 574 fiches, with a duplicate of fiche no. 547.

The Maclure Collection of French Revolution Materials

The original collection, housed in the Van Pelt Library of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, consists of approximately 1450 bound volumes of materials pertaining to the French Revolution. It is considered one of the finest collections of its kind in North America, and its microfilm rendition was produced in 1969/70.

The collection includes the newest version of the reel index, which lists the contents of each reel in the microfilm collection by the volume number(s) in the original 1966 published catalogue, edited by James D. Hardy, Jr., John H. Jensen, and Martin Wolfe (see note #1 below for details). The index also functions as a record of corrections and amendments made to the original publication.

Reels 1-171 represent the first 638 volumes of the collection, which are serials and periodicals. The reel index gives the short title of each periodical followed by the holdings (coverage period and issues) for the title on the reel. The remaining non-serial portions of the collection were bound originally by subject and cited by volume number. These works can be obtained by using the reel index and guide together to locate the corresponding film(s) in the collection.

Location and Call Number: Stauffer Library Compact Shelving at Microfilm DC No.005

Guide: Stauffer Library Reference at Z2179 .P42 1984 and Stauffer Library Books at Z2179 .P42 1972


  • The catalogue for the original print collection housed at the University of Pennsylvania, and titled The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials, is available in Stauffer Reference and Stauffer Folios at call number DC141 .Z5 P4
  • See also the guide to the French Revolutionary Pamphlets collection.

National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United Kingdom

The National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United Kingdom provides references to archival holdings in the UK and Ireland. Included in this comprehensive collection are finding aids, indexes, registers, and catalogues to thousands of manuscript collections in over 120 libraries and records offices, museums, and private collections. The listings are detailed down to the specific box or folder where available, and reproduce the finding aids created originally by the contributing archivists to their collections.

"Repositories contributing to the National Inventory of Documentary Sources are National Record offices; County, City and Borough Record Offices; National and Central Government Libraries; University and Polytechnic Libraries and Archive Centres; Public Libraries; Museums; Specialists Research Institutions; Owners and Private Papers." -- from the University of Toronto Library description of the Collection

Location: Stauffer Library Microforms [no call number; fiche stored in the lower three drawers of Microfilm Cabinet 14]

Guide/Index: Stauffer Library Microforms (shelved on top of the microfiche cabinet)


  • Queen's Library has cancelled subscription to the National Inventory. With each microfiche unit, there is to be an updated guide which supersedes the old one.
  • The index consists of a binder containing 2 sets of Microfiche (Name and Subject indexes), consisting of 28 and 9 fiches, respectively.

Nuclear Weapons, Arms Control, and the Threat of Thermonuclear War: Special Studies

"The series examines all the issues surrounding the international debate on nuclear weapons - their nature and deployment, the prospects for controlling their spread, and the consequences of using them .... Nuclear arms have been the focus of a wide range of special studies by an elite group of private and governmental organizations. Nuclear Weapons, Arms Control, and the Threat of Thermonuclear War assembles these authoritative studies analyzing the goals, risks, and strategies behind the nuclear arms race. Besides comprehensive analyses of the relative strengths, weaknesses, and cost effectiveness of key weapons systems, the studies examine the international political climate that has fostered the arms race." -- from the LexisNexis University Publications of America (UPA) Special Studies Overview of the Collection

Sets available in Library include: Special Studies: 1969-1981; Supplement 1: 1981-1982; Supplement 2: 1983-1984

Location and Call Number: Stauffer Library Compact Shelving at:

  • Microfilm U no.003 (1969-81) 17 reels
  • Microfilm U no.004 (1981-83)  9 reels
  • Microfilm U no.005 (1983-84)  12 reels

Guide/Index: Stauffer Library Reference & Stauffer Library Compact Shelving Z6724 .A9 U5t 1969-1981 (includes Supplement and the Second Supplement)


  • As of 2006, the collection consists of the original 1969-1981 publications, and eight supplements up to the year 2001.
  • Sample titles from the fifth through to the eighth supplements, as well as ordering information about the entire collection (including ISBN's) can be found at the LexisNexis Special Studies Series website.

The Oneida Community Serials in the Syracuse University Library, 1834-1879

"The Oneida Community was an experiment in Christian perfectionism, the doctrine that by union with God persons could live lives entirely free from sin. [The Community was] founded in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes, who rivals Joseph Smith for the distinction of being the most controversial figure in American religious history." -- Foreword in the Guide.

With a foreword, by Nelson M. Blake, covering biographical aspects of Noyes' life and his patriarchal rule of over the society, this guide explains the community and is a catalogue to the collection on microfilm. The collection includes books, pamphlets, serial publications, manuscript materials, general social reform publications, and miscellaneous publications.

Of interest to note is that the Oneida silverware company originated in the community as one of its sustaining enterprises.

Location and Call Number: Stauffer Library Compact Shelving at Microfilm no.003-186

Guide: Stauffer Library Reference & Stauffer Library Books at HX656 .O5 S9


The collection also includes documents pertaining to Syracuse University (not affiliated with the community) in relation to the Oneida community, as the campus became the site of a conference opposing the community, and the student newspaper discussed the conference in a number of articles (cited in the Guide).