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Selected Resources

Communication Theory
Peer reviewed journal with articles and book reviews concerning linguistic and communications theories. 

Global media and Communication
Peer reviewed journal with research and debate on the continuously changing global media and communication environment.

Journal of Visual Culture
peer reviewed international journal that analyzes the visual arts, popular culture, media, curatorial practice and digital platforms.

Media Culture and Society
Peer reviewed journal with research and discussion on the media, including newer information and communication technologies, within their political, economic, cultural and historical contexts.

New Media & Society
Peer reviewed journal with research from communication, media and cultural studies, as well as sociology, geography, anthropology, economics, politics and the humanities.

Television and New Media
Explores the field of television studies, focusing on audience ethnography, public policy, political economy, cultural history, and textual analysis

Explores the latest issues, practices, and policies in museum administration, research, exhibition development, visitor studies, conservation, education, collection management and other subjects of current concern to the community.

Journal of Curatorial Studies
An international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the cultural functioning of curating and its relation to exhibitions


Screen Culture Journal

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A list of cultural studies journals.

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