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Water Resources

GeoRef Help

The GeoRef database indexes several thousand journals in 40 languages as well as books, maps, reports, most U.S. Geological Survey publications, and American and Canadian masters and doctoral theses.

Boolean Operators

Use the Boolean operators below to combine search terms.You may use more than one Boolean operator in the same search. Just remember to enclose each Boolean phrase in parentheses. Below are some examples. 
Boolean operator Example
OR constructed OR artificial
AND (constructed OR artificial) AND wetlands
NOT greenhouse NOT "greenhouse effect"

Proximity Operators

Use proximity operators to find phrases and words in close proximity to one another. Quotation marks can be used to retrieve words in a specific order. THe NEAR operator will retrieve words in any order. You can specify the number of words in between your terms by adding a forward slash and number. For example, NEAR/2 will retrieve terms within two words of each other.

Proximity operator Example
" " "green roof"
NEAR runoff NEAR/2 water


GeoRef Controlled Vocabulary Terms

Publications indexed in GeoRef are assigned one more controlled vocabulary terms from the Geosciences Thesaurus. Below are a few examples of water-related controlled vocabulary terms. You can use these terns in your initial search or to filter your keyword search results. Use the Thesaurus search option to explore more terms.

  • Fresh water
  • Ground water
  • Waste water
  • Water
  • Water management
  • Water pollution
  • Water quality
  • Water supply
  • Water storage
  • Water table
  • Water treatment
  • Water wells
  • Wetlands