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Research Guide for CJCA Student Editors

This guide provides an overview of the key research tools that volunteer student editors can use to locate sources that have been referenced in papers submitted to the CJCA.



For guidance on citing books, see McGill Guide Rule 6.2 Books.

Example: Gary Born, International Commercial Arbitration, 3rd ed (Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands: Wolters Kluwer, 2021).

Finding Tools

Use the library search engine, Omni to locate print and electronic books owned by Queen's Library and/or other Omni libraries. 

Enter the title of the book in the Omni search box. If Queen’s University owns either a print or online copy of the book, it should appear within the first few pages of search results.

If Queen’s does not own a copy of the book or if the book is already signed out to another library patron, you can request it from another Omni library by clicking “Get it from another library.”

If can’t find the book anywhere in Omni – either at Queen’s or another Omni Library – reach out to the law library and we will see if we can get it for you another way.

Journal Articles


For guidance on citing journal articles, see McGill Guide Rule 6.1 Journals.

Example: Donny Trinh Ba Duong, “The Evolution of Summary Procedure in Investment Arbitration: Past, Present and Future” (2021) 37:1 Arb Intl 35.

Finding Tools

The library search engine, Omni is the recommended starting point for locating journal articles. Start by searching Omni for the name of the journal article (e.g. "The Evolution of Summary Procedure in Investment Arbitration: Past, Present and Future"). If you cannot locate the article in Omni using its name, then try searching Omni for the name of the journal itself (e.g. Arbitration International) to see if the library owns the journal in print.

If searching Omni fails to locate the article, then try searching the articles and newsletters databases within Westlaw Edge and Lexis+ using your law student passwords. If the article is from an American law journal (e.g. American Review of International Arbitration), then try searching the All Westlaw US database, which can be accessed from Westlaw Edge under the International tab.