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English Literature

Book Reviews

A book review is an evaluative essay concerning the strengths and weaknesses of a published book. Book reviews can be useful for assessing a book's critical importance and its relation to other books in its field.

For contemporary reviews of works published in earlier centuries, see also History of Criticism .

Book Review Digest 
 Z1219 .B7 (1983-2005) Stauffer Compact Shelving
Book Review Index
Z1035 .A1 B6 (1965-2011) Stauffer Library Storage
Indexes English language book reviews. Search by title, author, journal, review type, length of review, reading level of book, or publication format.
 Z1035 .A1C3t from 1975-2006. Stauffer Compact Shelving
An interdisciplinary index that includes book reviews cited in major newspapers and 350 Canadian journals. Search by keyword combing the following three words: the author's last name; a word from the title; and the word review?
e.g. review? and atwood and robber (for Margaret Atwood's novel The Robber Bride).
Print holdings: 1920 - 1998: Check Omni
An interdisciplinary index to Canadian periodicals with special headings for book reviews, poems, moving picture reviews, Canadian drama, and short stories.
An Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities
REF Z1035 .A1I38 (1961-1990)
Strong coverage of academic and non-fiction books; international in scope.
Includes complete runs of 12 major American journals that regularly contain important articles on politics and public policy, covering the spectrum from liberal to conservative.
AI3.R2 from 1983-2006 (Stauffer Compact Shelving)
The last section in each volume lists book reviews by author.
See also the guide Find and Write Book Reviews.

The Great Gatsby

See the Book Reviews Subject Guide for a full list of Book Review Indexes.