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English Literature

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Trapido, Joel et al., eds. An International Dictionary of Theatre Language.
REF PN2035.I5 1985
The most comprehensive dictionary of its kind.
Banham, Martin, ed. The Cambridge Guide to Theatre. New ed.
PN2035 .C27 1995
Esslin, Martin. intro. The Encyclopedia of World Theater: with 420 Illustrations and an Index of Play Titles.
PN2035.E52 1977
Hartnoll, Phyllis. The Oxford Companion to the Theatre. 4th ed.
REF PN2035.O9 1983
Hochman, Stanley, et al., eds. Encyclopedia of World Drama: An International Reference Work in 5 Volumes. Mcgraw-Hill, 2nd. ed.
REF PN1625.M3 1984

Guides to Primary Sources

Ottemiller, John H. Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections: An Author and Title Index to Plays Appearing in Collections Published Between 1900 and
1985. 7th ed.
REF Z5781 .O8 1988
Lists English-language plays.
Sample, Gordon. The Drama Scholars' Index to Plays and Filmscripts: A Guide to Plays and Filmscripts in Selected Anthologies, Series, and
REF Z5781 .S17 (2 vols.1974-1980).
Useful for locating plays in English and other languages.

Compilations of Criticism and Guides to Secondary Sources

Gale Information Guide Library ... series:
English Drama to 1660, Excluding Shakespeare: A Guide to Information Sources. ed. Frieda Elaine Penninger (1976).
REF Z2014 .D7P46
English Drama, 1660-1800: A Guide to Information Sources. ed. Frederick M. Link (1976).
REF Z2014 .D7 L55
English Drama and Theatre, 1800-1900: A Guide to Information Sources. (1978).
REF Z2014 .D7 C72
Afro-American Poetry and Drama, 1760-1975: A Guide to Information Sources. ed. William P. French (1979).
REF Z1229 .N39 A37
American Drama to 1900: A Guide to Information Sources. ed. Walter J. Meserve (1980).
REF Z1231 .D7 M45
Modern Drama in America and England, 1950-1970: A Guide to Information Sources. ed. Richard Hough Harris.
REF Z1231 .D7 H36 1982
These volumes begin with lists of general and historical sources; separate entries for dramatists list resources including works, letters, biographies, and critical studies.
Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale British Dramatists) Series:
The following six titles in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series provide a brief critical biography, a list of primary works and productions, and a very selective list of secondary works for each dramatist.
Elizabethan Dramatists. ed. Fredson Bowers.
REF PR651 .E48 1987
REF PR671 .J33 1987
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Dramatists, First Series. [Dramatists Born 1621-1666], ed. Paula R. Backscheider.
REF PR701 .R4 1989
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Dramatists, Second Series. [Dramatists Born 1670-1727], ed. Paula R. Backscheider.
REF PR701 .R42 1989
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Dramatists, Third Series. [Dramatists born between 1699-1762] ed. Paula R. Backscheider.
Modern British Dramatists, 1900-1945. ed. Stanley Weintraub.
REF PR623 .M63 1982
British Dramatists since World War II. ed. Stanley Weintraub. 2 vols.
REF PR106 .B74 1982
Additional Titles
Corbin, Peter, and Douglas Sedg. An Annotated Critical Bibliography of Jacobean and Caroline Comedy (Excluding Shakespeare).
ref Z2014 .D7 C75 1988t
Z2014 .D7 F67  Fordyce, Rachel. Caroline Drama: A Bibliographic History of Criticism. 2nd ed.
REF Z2014 .D7 K47  King, Kimball. Twenty Modern British Playwrights: A Bibliography 1956 to 1976. (1977)
REF Z2014 .D7 L5 1986  Lidman, Mark J. Studies in Jacobean Drama, 1973-1984: An Annotated Bibliography.
REF PR737 .C57 1999  Riggs, Thomas, ed. Contemporary Dramatists. 6th ed.
A biographical outline, a brief critical essay, and lists of primary and secondary works for each of 433 living English-language dramatists.
Stein, Rita. Major Modern Dramatists.
PN1861 .M27 1984
Excerpts of criticism on Western playwrights of international renown from the late 19th and 20th centuries.
Trudeau, Lawrence J., ed. Drama Criticism: Criticism of the Most Significant and Widely Studied Dramatic Works from All the World's Literatures. (1991- )
PN1721 .D72t
Excerpts of criticism on the most frequently studied playwrights of all time periods and nationalities. Holdings: vol. 1 only.

Drama Subject Guide

See the Drama Subject Guide for much more information on drama including dictionaries, criticism and reviews.