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Consult bibliographies to find a comprehensive list of sources on a specific topic or a selective list of key works on a topic. Bibliographies can be located in Omni by doing a subject heading search and adding the subdivision heading bibliography.
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Australian Film: a Bibliography
REF Z5784 .M9 R45 1997
The Critical Index: A Bibliography of Articles on Film in English, 1946-1973
REF Z5784 .M9 G47
Indexes articles from over 20 American, British, and Canadian journals on directors, producers, actors, critics, screenwriters, cinematographers, specific films and the history of the film industry.
The Film Anthologies Index
REF Z5784.M9 B637 1994
Index to book anthologies, international coverage through 1991.
The Film Audience: An International Bibliography of Research
REF Z5784 .M9 A87 1983
The Film Book Bibliography 1940-1975
Z5784 .M9 E44
A classified listing of books "published in English between 1940 and 1975 which deal with various aspects of the motion picture".
Film Costume: An Annotated Bibliography
REF Z5691.P75
"An annotated bibliography to almost 4,000 books and periodical articles on costume design in the film industry...over the past 70 years".
Film Study: An Analytical Bibliography
REF Z5784 .M9 M34 1990
A comprehensive four volume set which includes references to books and articles on the teaching and study of cinema "through a study of representative genres, stereotypes, themes, comparative media, periods, and film history".
Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography
REF Z5784.M9W37 1981t (1909-1977)
REF Z5784 .M9 W375 1993t (1978-1988)
Lists and annotates all important books and articles published in North America and Great Britain dealing with the relationship between films and works of literature. Items in the bibliography are listed chronologically by year and alphabetically by author's name within the year.
Macmillan Film Bibliography
REF Z5784 .M9 R423 1982
A two volume set which lists "brief reviews of over 6,700 English language film books arranged alphabetically by title". The separate volume index has subject, author and script access.
The New Film Index: A Bibliography of Magazine Articles in English, 1930-1970
REF Z5784 .M9 M29 1975
A supplement to The Film Index. Indexes over 12,000 articles with brief notes, classified subject arrangement with author index.
Pre-Cinema History: an Encyclopaedia and Annotated Bibliography of the Moving Image Before 1896
REF Z5784 .M9 H42 1993t
"Chronologically arranged entries spanning 1321 to 1984 trace the development of moving image representations from the camera obscura to more sophisticated forms of optical entertainment before the advent of the cinema in 1896". Gives full bibliographical references, contents summaries, and critical notes. Access also by name and subject indexes.
Western Films 2: An Annotated Critical Bibliography from 1974 to 1987
REF Z5784 .M9 N332 1988
Sequel to Western Films: An Annotated Critical Bibliography (REF Z5784.M9N33). Identifies, describes and evaluates "books and articles about Western movies written in English from 1974 through the spring of 1987".
Women and Film: A Bibliography
REF Z5784 .M9 K68
Women and Film Bibliography
REF Z5784 .M9 S62 1984t
Includes references from the literature of 1977 through 1983.

Oxford Bibliographies provides peer-reviewed annotated bibliographies on film history, television studies, media studies, critical theory, visual arts, cultural studies, digital culture, game studies, popular culture and the study of the moving image. 

Bibliographies are browseable by subject area and keyword searchable.

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