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American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films  
Compact Shelving PN1998.A57 (1893-1970)
Library has: Film Beginnings, 1893-1910; Feature Films, 1911-1920; Feature Films, 1931-1940; and Feature Films, 1961-1970. Films are listed alphabetically and provide information about the production company, copyright and release date, running time, production credits, cast, genre and plot description. Has indexes for personal name, corporate name, chronology, genre, geographic name, subject and "literary and dramatic source".
Australian Film, 1978-1994: A Survey of Theatrical Features
PN1993.5. A8 A955 1995
British Film Actors' Credits, 1895-1987
PN1998.2.P3 1988
Lists about 5,000 performers in films who were born in the U.K. or the Commonwealth and those who have worked in British films. Provides birth/death dates, "brief characterization" on types of roles or films, and a list of films with dates.
The British Film Catalogue
REF PN1998.G543 2001
Lists every film made in Great Britain and Ireland. Listed chronologically, each film entry has information about production details, director, producer, cast and characters, story source, any awards, and brief plot summary. 
Canadian Feature Film Index, 1913-1985 Canadian resource
CA1 AK60 87C12 (Government Documents)
Chronik des deutschen Films: 1895-1994
PN1993.5. G3 P75 1995
Cinema Sequels and Remakes, 1903-1987
PN1995.9 .S29 N69 1989
Includes "all films, silent or sound, from the genres of drama, action-adventure, romance, comedy, thriller which have at least one English-speaking sound remake or sequel". 
Early Motion Pictures: The Paper Print Collection in the Library of Congress
REF Z5784 .M9 L5 1985
Guide to the more than 3,000 films restored from the paper print collection at the Library of Congress. Films are listed by title and give information about copyright or producer/distributor, production credits, length, location and date of production, and summary.
Enser's Filmed Books and Plays: A List of Books and Plays from Which Films Have Been Made, 1928-1991
REF Z5784 .M9 B385 1993t
includes a film title index (which is the main index), an author index and a change of original title index. Films are listed in alphabetical order and give the title, studio name and country of origin, date of release, director, author and title of book (if it differs from the film).
Film Canadiana Canadian resource
REF PN1998 .F55t
Library has from 1969/70 to 1987/88. From 1985/86 onwards, known as Film/Video Canadiana. Is the national bibliography of film in Canada.
Film Noir Guide: 745 Films of the Classic Era, 1940-1959
REF PN1995.9. F54 K43 2003
French Films, 1945-1993: A Critical Filmography of the 400 Most Important Releases
PN1993.5 .F7 B52 1996t
A Guide to American Crime Films of the Thirties
PN1995.9 .L36 1995
"Lists the screen credits of more than 1,100 features released from 1928 through 1939". 
A Guide to American Silent Crime Films
PN1995.9 .D4 L36 1994
Gives information about 2,000 United States silent films, newsreels, shorts and serials produced between 1894 and 1930. Entries include information about film titles, directors, actors, actresses, screenwriters, production company and year. Also included in over half of the entries is a description of the film plus a bibliography about early film history.
Guide to Silent Westerns
PN1995.9 .W4 L33 1992
"More than 5,400 silent Western films, documentaries, shorts, and serials from the 1890s through 1930 are included, alphabetically by title, with basic cast and credits". Some entries have annotations that give plot summary and evaluation.
Lexikon Literaturverfilmungen: deutschsprachige Filme, 1945-1990
PN1993.5 .S358 1995t
The Motion Picture Guide
Storage-- Ask at Information Desk  PN1995 .N346
This multi-volume set gives information on over 40,000 films released in the United States through 1984.
Motion Picture Series and Sequels: A Reference Guide
PN1995.9 .S29 D66 1990
Lists "some 906 English language motion pictures beginning in the silent picture era which had one or more sequels" and gives their dates, studios, directors, and cast. Short film and films made for television are also included.
The NFB Film Guide: the Productions of the National Film Board of Canada from 1939 to 1989 Canadian resource
REF PN1998 .N494 1991t
The two volumes list the NFB films (both French and English language) that were produced between 1939 and 1989. Entries are in alphabetical order and give information about the release date, date of production, running time, credits, format, series title and a short synopsis. There are subject, series, director, producer and production year indexes.
Reel Women: an International Directory of Contemporary Feature Films about Women
REF PN1995.9 W6 S63 2007
West German Cinema Since 1945 (to 1985): A Reference Handbook
PN1993.5 .G3 H435 1987
West German Cinema, 1985-1990: A Reference Handbook
PN1993.5. G3 H426 1992
These two titles list "every West German theatrical feature film released between 1945 and 1990". The films are listed alphabetically by the German title with date, English title and a brief synopsis. Information about the director, screenplay authors, composers, producers, and the principal actors and actresses is also included.