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Fine Art

Search Artist's Name in Omni

3 ways to search for an artist in Omni:

By Author: hatoum mona

By Subject: hatoum mona

By Any field: mona AND hatoum (or as a phrase search: "mona hatoum")

Check out artists in the Parkett series: Art Collection NX456 .P358 (volume contents:

200 artworks, 25 years : artists' editions for Parkett : catalogue raisonne: Art Collection (non-circ) N6496.3 .S9 Z87 2009. Artists listed alphabetically and chronologically.

See also Art now, a set of artist biographies and art movements: Art Collection N6497 .A78 2008 v. 1-4

Finding Exhibition Catalogues

Use the subheading “exhibitions” in a Boolean search for exhibition catalogues:

belmore AND exhibition* [truncated for singular or plural]

rebecca AND belmore AND exhibition*

belmore AND exhibition* AND ottawa

Finding Books and Exhibition Catalogues

Search Omni, the catalogue of the Queen's University Library, by Author, Title, Subject, or Call Number to find books, exhibition catalogues and materials in other formats in our collection.
Search using Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT) in Simple or Advanced Search to find books on topics or information in other formats, especially if you don't know the correct subject heading, or specific author or title. Use Boolean (AND, OR, or, NOT) to combine terms, quotations to do phrase searching (e.g. "gilbert & george") or an asterisk (*) when truncating a word (e.g. sculpt* - to retrieve sculpture, sculptures or sculptor.)
Narrow or refine search by adding other terms, such as geographic, time period, or an art form: e.g.

nauman AND installations
painting AND abstract AND canada
Broaden search using the * symbol to truncate for variable word endings (e.g. nouns, adjectives, singular or plural) or by using "OR" between similar or possible terms nested in brackets: e.g.
painting* AND abstract AND canad*
sculpture* AND (bourgeois OR "kiki smith")*
frenkel AND exhibition* AND (agnes OR kingston)
"laurie anderson" AND video* (for all formats of videorecordings) [or limit to Resource Type "Visual" in  Omni]

* Note the nested (i.e. bracketed) search for similar or possible terms, combined with your AND term.

Use quotes around a phrase or concept, including full artist names: e.g.
"performance art"
"gilbert & george"
"nam june paik"
Limit large result sets by library location or by using "NOT": e.g.
"yoko ono" NOT lennon
"avant garde" (tip: limit to Queen's Location e.g. Art Collection)
environments OR situations (limit to a Queen's Library - e.g. Stauffer - or a Queen's Location - e.g. Art Collection)
From your results, select useful titles and click on the Subject Headings assigned to find other books on your topic. E.g.:
Anatomy, Artistic
Art, Modern--21st century
Art movements--History--20th century
Art criticism
Conceptual art
Decorative arts--Canada
Human figure in art
Installations (art)
Painting, modern--20th century
Street art

Art books