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Forms and Precedents

Guide to legal forms and precedents available either through Queen's University or freely available online.

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What are Forms and Precedents?

This guide contains a list of books, looseleafs, and databases that contain forms or precedents in a particular area of law. 

Forms and precedents are useful for drafting and advocacy. Sometimes they are easy to identify because certain publications focus exclusively on forms and precedents (see General Resources). In other areas of law, they can be more difficult to locate because they are often provided in an appendix to a text or looseleaf. If you'd like help identifying relevant forms and precedents in your area, contact the Law Library.

What are forms? Structured documents without any content filled in. Some forms are prescribed by law, for instance what form should be used in court; other examples of forms are types of contracts.

What are precedents? In this context, precedents are "standard contracts or other agreements or documents used as examples for later documents" (Dictionary of Canadian Law, 3rd ed).