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FRST 290 / FREN 392: Paris through Literature, Painting, Cinema & Photography

This guide is to help guide students with library and web resources for FREN 392: Paris through Literature, Painting, Cinema & Photography (formerly FRST 290 (formerly IDIS 290))

Finding Books

Use Omni to locate books and ebooks (as well as videos, journals, articles, etc.) at Queen's Library.

After you have conducted your search, apply filters (located on the left side of the results screen) to fine-tune your search results.  

To select a filter, move your mouse to the left of the filter you wish to select, such as Books & eBooks, and a check box will appear. You can then select it (or deselect it by moving your mouse to the right hand side of the filter). After selecting a filter, be sure to click the green "Apply Filters" button to activate the filter.

Searching Omni using keywords

A keyword search looks for words located anywhere in the record.

Points to remember:

  • Use and to combine search terms (note that AND is presumed between each word so you do not need to type it in)
    For example: gender AND literature
  • Use or to group alternate terms to expand your search. 
    For example: (French OR français) AND (literature OR littérature)
  • Use NOT to exclude words from your search.
    For example: (French NOT Québecois)
  • Search phrases by using quotations around words.
    For example: "city of light"
  • Use * for plural forms and variant word endings.
    For example: identi?
    The question mark represents: identity, identities, identität, identidad, identité, identités, etc.
  • Group search terms by using parentheses.
    For example: (littérature OR literature) AND “city of light”

Please note: Don't worry about accents in Omni or other databases.