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Omni Help Guide

Omni Search Tips

A comprehensive guide to searching Omni; includes basic search principles, pinning sources in My Favourites, Citing and Exporting Sources, Citation Trails and much, much more

Omni Search: Discover Books, Journal Articles and More

Omni is our new academic search tool that provides access to extensive collections of academic and scholarly information resources, including books (print) and ebooks, journal articles, journals, special collections, maps, newspaper articles, government information, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, streaming videos, and audiovisual resources, all from one interface.

Omni enables you to search different scopes of information collections: the physical and online collections at Queen's (which is the default scope), consortially with 13 other partner libraries from universities across Ontario, and beyond, via the vendor's vast database of electronic resources. We will be focusing on Queen's collections, so all searches in Omni will be using the default search scope. 

The Omni search box is featured prominently on the Queen's Library Homepage and provides options for basic and advanced searching:

image of omni from library homepage

Other Tools

Omni offers a number of useful tools that you can use to organize, save, and cite your research.  Log into Omni to get the maximum use out of tools.

cite icon quotation marks Citation icon Select one of ten different citation styles and generate a citation to the item. Be sure to check citations for accuracy
envelope icon Envelope icon Email a record to the item
pushpin icon Pushpin icon Save this item to your list of favourites in Omni
citation trails icon Citation trails Lead to sources that cite the work or to references cited in the item
ellipsis icon Ellipsis icon Shows action options including citation, email, permalink, export to citation managers and print record

New Features

Related Reading

Starting from an article of interest, related reading provides other relevant articles for the same topic. 

(To enlarge this image, please right-select the image and open it in a New Tab)

image of the "related reading" options from within Omni

Virtual Browse

Discover other books at Queen's on the same topic by browsing a virtual book shelf. Available in Omni records for print monographs, scroll to the bottom of the book's record to discover other books that would be shelved with the item.

(To enlarge this image, please right-select the image and open it in a New Tab)

image of the virtual browse feature located within book search results in Omni

Sign In

  • Signing in ensures you have access to all the resources you're entitled to
  • It also gives access to My Library Account where you can access borrowing details (loans, requests, and renewals) and My Favourites (where you can access materials and searches you have saved, and your current search history) 

Search Scopes

Omni provides you with three different content collections to search:

  1. Queen's + Omni Libraries: Queen's collections PLUS the physical holdings* of our 17 partner university libraries
  2. Queen's: physical and online resources at Queen's
  3. Add results beyond Queen's collection: Accessed when you select this option under Modify your results. "Beyond" refers to a vast collection of electronic resources contained in the Omni vendor database

*If you discover a book at one of our partner university libraries, you can request it directly through Omni.

Results Filtering

Apply filters to fine-tune your search results.  Filters are located on the left hand side of the Omni search page, after you have performed a search.  

To select a filter, move your mouse to the left of the filter you wish to select and a check box will appear. You can then select it (or deselect it by moving your mouse to the right hand side of the filter). After selecting a filter, be sure to click the green "Apply Filters" button to activate the filter.