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GNDS 215: Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity

Book Title Search

The following is an example of a reference (also known as a citation) to a book:

Mills, C. Wright. 1959. The Sociological Imagination. New York: Oxford University Press. 

To discover whether or not Queen's Library owns this book, click on Advanced Search from beneath the Omni search box on the library homepage:

Omni advanced search option from homepage

In the Advanced Search page, select "Title field" , choose "is (exact)", type in the title, and select the appropriate "Resource Type," in this case, Books & ebooks:

title search

If the library owns the book it will come up in your search results. Click on the title to open the full record for the book, which will include information about the book's availability, the call number (if the book is a print book), bibliographic details about the book (title, author, publication date, subjects, publisher etc) as well as useful tools that you can use to organize, save and cite your search results.  

Click here to view the full record for this book

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Search Tips

  • Omit initial articles (a, an, the, etc.)
  • Capitalization is not necessary
  • Exact word order is necessary, but you don’t need to enter the full title (which is especially useful when the title is very long).


If you did not choose to limit by Resource Type (to books & ebooks) you can apply a filter AFTER you have executed your search. Useful filters include Availability - choose Available in Queen's Library for physical books, and Available online for ebooks, and Resource Type where you can limit to Books & eBooks:

filters in Omni

Click Apply Filters after your selections: