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GPHY 333 Markets Environments and Societies

Citation Guides


APA Style (American Psychological Association) is required.

Several APA style guides, including the Purdue OWL guide, are at

                Also, guides for business, government and legal sources are listed.

APA Citation Basics


  1. In-text citations: cite your sources in brief in the text of your paper.

  2. Listing references: cite your sources in full at the end of your report.

In-text citations provide just enough information for readers to locate the full citation in the reference list at the end of the report.


  • give credit and acknowledge where you found the idea, information, data 
  • avoid plagiarism
  • direct readers to the sources on which your research is based

Sources include academic articles and books, but also newspapers, magazines, government reports, statistics, web sites, social media, video...

when to cite

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Avoiding Plagiarism