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GPHY 333 Markets Environments and Societies

Search with key or concept words

  • Search with keywords about the market and keywords you have identified in your preliminary searches.
  • Make a quick list of synonyms, other terms or phrases to express the same concepts, or the opposing ideas.
  • As you search, note which search terms work, which don’t, and add to your list as you scan the search results.

put phrases inside quotation marks "carbon markets"

use 'OR' to link synonyms together in a search box

use 'AND' to combine with other concepts

* Asterisk for alternate word endings  - cultur* for culture, cultural, and culturally

Citation mining identifies other relevant sources

 Use the sources listed by the authors of the reports and articles you find

Look at:

  • footnotes
  • URL's and links
  • captions on statistical charts and tables
  • references/ bibliographies/ works cited

These are lists of other relevant sources and identify organizations, government agencies, researchers etc. involved in the market.

Find them searching Omni, Journalsor the open web.

preliminary, exploratory searching

Open web: Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines

Omni search: books, ebooks, articles, media provided by the Library

Geography guide – Quick Links > Research by Subject > Geography
   see Dictionaries, Encyclopedias...
   International Encyclopedia of Human Geography (2nd edition)


Synthesis & Reviews of Research

Annual Reviews database  -  via Databases link at
     articles synthesize the research and issues on a topic (multidisciplinary)

Geography Compass
     peer-reviewed surveys of current research in human geography

Progress in Human Geography
   critical reviews of research in human geography