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GPHY 333 Markets Environments and Societies



 Authoritative evidence-based resources will include statistics, reports and information found on government, research institute and advocacy organization websites.
Newspaper articles and online media will help in identifying useful sites and possible sources of information. Academic/scholarly reports and articles from peer-reviewed journals are also required.


finding reputable sources means thinking about the range of players involved in or affected by the market you’re analyzing 
- and what information they may ‘publish’

These could be:

  • companies, entrepreneurs, financial institutions
  • existing markets – bricks and mortar, online, virtual, real estate, commodities, currency
  • professional and advocacy organizations, industry and trade associations
  • economists, think tanks, research institutes
  • governments - international, federal, provincial, municipal
  • public agencies – utilities, regulators, courts
  • media – newspapers, magazines, websites, podcasts, social

Media reports can provide clues to information sources.  Look further than the headline and ask:

  • What did the journalist base the story on 

     is there a report, a website, some stats, an event?

  • Who did they interview

     a politician, business person, academic?
     from what agency or organization?