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HIST 304: Civil War and the Making of America

Search Omni

A.  Search by Subject or Keyword

You can locate items in the library by searching Omni by doing a keyword Boolean search and then adding one of the special subject terms to your search: correspondence, diaries, interviews, pamphlets, personal narratives, sources, speeches

        "united states" and slavery and sources
"civil war" and "united states" and diaries

Also browse subject headings and look for these special subject terms:

         United States--History--Civil war, 1861-1865--Sources
         United States--History--Civil war, 1861-1865--Personal Narratives, Confederate
         Women--Confederate States of America--Diaries

B. Look up Historical Figures, Organizations, and Agencies

If you know of a person involved in the event or from the time period, look under that person's name as an author (or subject) for memoirs, diaries, and correspondence. For example:

lincoln abraham
davis jefferson

Look up groups or organizations as an author (or subject).

united states. congress