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HIST 304: Civil War and the Making of America

Featured Websites

Primary source materials and related websites can be freely searched on the Web as well as the links below that lead you to websites for which the Library subscribes:

Some websites provide access to online versions of primary sources which may be digitized images, facsimiles or full text.

The selected websites on slavery and the Civil War are featured on the University of Washington Libraries website.

Search the Web

To search for primary source collections, go to Google's Advanced Search page in order to narrow down search results by a sseries of filters, e.g. language, proximity and domain. For example:

“primary sources” “civil war" "united states” site:edu [search using Google]

This search has been narrowed so it is only searching phrases and only in .edu sites (educational institutions in the U.S.) 

Some websites provide access to online versions of primary sources. These may be digitized images, facsimiles, or full text.

Subject Guide

See also American History Primary Sources guide.

"Ruins in Richmond" Damage to Richmond, Virginia from the American Civil War. Photography by Andrew Russell, April 1865 (Wikicommons).