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History of Science and Technology


Archive for History of Exact Sciences
Print: Q125 .A75, v.1 (1960)-v.10 (1973), v.12 (1974)-v.50 (1997) (shelved on 2S)

More recent volumes also available online.       


Print: v.1 (1985)-v.3 (1987),v.5 (1989)-v.23 (2008), Bracken Health Science Library              

Early Science and Medicine
Available Online


Perspectives on Science : Historical, Philosophical, Social
Print: Q124.6 .P47, v.1 (1993)-v.7 (1999) (shelved on 2S)

ISIS "An international review devoted to the history of science and its cultural influences."
Available Online


Science in Context
Print: v.3 (1989)-v.20 (2007), Bracken Health Sciences Library

Journal for the History of Astronomy
Print: QB1 .J67, v.1 (1970) - (shelved on 2S and Level 5, Current Periodicals)

Also available online from 1999-

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Print: Q125 .S94, v.1(1970)-v.27(1996), v32A (2001)-v.33A (2002) (shelved on 2S)


Journal of the History of Biology
Print: v.1 (1968)-v.34 (2001), Bracken Health Sciences Library

Also available online

Technology and Culture
Available online v.1 (1958) - 1 year ago


Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences (2001-2007)
Print: QC7 .H69, v.16(1986)-v.37(2007) (shelved on 2S)
Scientia Canadensis: Journal of the History of Canadian Science, Technology and Medicine
Print: Q127 .C2 H35, v.8 (1984) - v.16,no.1 (1992) (shelved on 2S)
v.9, no.1 (1985), v.13 (1989)-v.15, no. 2 (1991), W.D. Jordan Special Collections
v.8 (1984)-v.35 (2012), Bracken Health Sciences Library