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Intermediate Senior Visual Arts

Art-Specific Databases @ Queen's University

Art Abstracts

Index to scholarly journal articles on art and related disciplines. Emphasis is on Western art.

ARTbibliographies Modern
Publication Coverage: 1974 to present.
Indexes writing and research on all forms of modern and contemporary art.

An extensive image resource for educational and scholarly use.

Art Index Retrospective

Index to scholarly art journals and other materials published prior to 1985. Indexes articles from art journals, yearbooks and museum bulletins published in English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish.

Grove Encyclopedia of Medieval Art and Architecture

The Encyclopedia offers scholarly material on Medieval art in more than 2,030 intelligent, well-written, and informative articles, each of which is followed by a bibliography to support further research. These include a mixture of shorter, more factual articles and larger, multi-section articles tracing the development of the arts in major regions. There are articles on all subject areas in Medieval art including biographies of major artists, architects and patrons; countries, cities, and sites; cultures and styles (Anglo-Saxon art, Carolingian art, Coptic art, Early Christian art, Romanesque, Gothic, Insular art, Lombard art, Merovingian art, Ottonian art, and Viking art); ivories, books and illuminated manuscripts, metalwork, architecture, painting, tapestries, sculpture, mosaics, reliquaries, and more.

Index of Medieval Art

The Index of Medieval Art is the largest database of Medieval art in existence, with records for works of art dating from early apostolic times to the end of the 16th century. The database also contains over images (copies of which may be printed for study purposes only).In addition, the database includes a bibliography covering iconography, art history, archaeology, religious, and classical studies. Subject coverage: Medieval art, art history, archaeology, iconography, religious and classical studies.

Oxford Art Online

Oxford Art Online (formerly known as "Grove Art Online") provides access to the entire text of the most recent editions of The Dictionary of ArtThe Oxford Companion to Western Art and The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics with ongoing additions of new material and updates to these texts.

Also includes image partnerships with ARTstor, the Bridgeman Art Library, the British Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Images for College Teaching, Art Resource, Artists Rights Society and numerous international art galleries and artists.

Oxford Reference Online - Art and Architecture
Publication Coverage: the most current editions of books are included.
A selection of art and architecture dictionaries, companions, and other reference works published by Oxford University Press.

Underground and Independent Comics

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels is the first ever scholarly, primary-source database focused on adult comic books and graphic novels. Here are the works of artists both celebrated and overlooked, alongside interviews, criticism, and journal articles that document the continual growth and evolution of this artform.

Open Access Databases

Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA)
Publication Coverage: 1973 to 2007
Covers European and American visual arts material from over 1200 journals.

AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature
Comprehensive coverage of literature related to the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.