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Intermediate Senior Civics


The Canadian Parliamentary Video

The program provides students with a brief history of government and introduces them to Canada's peoples, languages and provinces. Students journey to Ottawa, the nation's capital, and into the House of Commons and Senate, where a new session of Parliament is about to begin. The Speaker, the Speech from the Throne, the three major national political parties and the Prime Minister are introduced. 

Documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material.  Includes English and French language content. Access to all Queen’s users includes additional content beyond what is available on the open web.
News in Review: a series from The National, find it under channels at Curio. Includes a series on Civics topics, such as: Terrorism in Canada: Are We Safe?Do Our Cities Still Work?Vaccines: Pass or Fail?Drones: Military or Mainstream?​Syrian Refugees: A Humanitarian Crisis,  Sony HackAnger and Authority in the United StatesFirst Nations Land DisputesOur Canada: Are We Racist?Canada and China Relations.

National Film Board
Over 1000 films are available free, 3000 available with an account. Also includes teaching guides. To take advantage of campus features such as creating playlists and chapters, you will need to create a profile.

Films on Demand
Humanities and social sciences video collections.

Criterion on Demand
A large English and French streaming or download service with option of closed captioning.

A collection of Canadian video segments that is searchable by provincial curriculum subjects, grades, and strands. Includes PDF teacher guides when available, and content is downloadable.