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Intermediate Senior Drama


Access to these databases is provided using your Queen's NetID.

RSC Live
26 recordings of productions put on by The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Globe on Screen (2008 - 2015) and Globe on Screen 2 (2016 - 2018)
The Globe on Screen is a collection of videos of theatre productions from Shakespeare's Globe.

National Theatre Collection
Drawing on 10 years of NT Live broadcasts, alongside high-quality archive recordings, the National Theatre Collection 1 is now complete and contains 30 filmed performances.

Met Opera on Demand
An online streaming service that allows users to watch and listen to more than 700 Metropolitan Opera performances including HD videos, classic telecasts (standard-definition videos that were originally broadcast live on television from 1977 to 2003), and radio broadcast (audio-only) performances dating back to 1935.

Theatre in Video
Publication Coverage: 1930s to present.
Features performances of works by American, European, Asian, and other worldwide dramatists from the past several centuries.

Digital Theatre Plus
A digital streaming collection of over 1000 full-length films of Shakespeare plays, modern dramas, classical music, dance, musicals, opera, and adaptations of classic novels.

Learnography: Learning Through the Arts Video Series

Learning Through the Arts web banner

Includes videos of Intermediary and Secondary curriculum for the Dramatic Arts classroom and a Viewer's Guide.

The Production Process

Students work together to perform and produce a play.
Watch or download now | Grade 7    Length 13:47 

Dramatizing Social Interactions

Students create their own dramatizations, using excerpts from a play.
Watch or download now | Grade 8    Length 12:01 

Masks and Myths

Students write and perform original myths.
Watch or download now | Grade 9    Length 12:37 

Improvisation Activities

Students play improv games and participate in improvised scenes.
Watch or download now | Grade 10    Length 16:59 

Drama and Literacy

English language learners express themselves through drama.
Watch or download now | Grade 10    Length 11:06 

Getting into Character

Students learn to think in-role in preparation for character role play.
Watch or download now | Grade 11    Length 8:57 

Drama Performance

Students learn how to teach drama while creating their own drama production.
Watch or download now | Grade 12    Length 14:33