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Intermediate Senior Environmental Education

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Nathalie Soini
Education Library
Duncan McArthur Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 5R7
613-533-6000 x75566

New Environmental Education Books

Image on the book cover of women with their arms up
Book Cover image includes images of water, farms, cities, industries.
Book cover is an image with a footprint and a google map
Book cover photo of a brown down with a red harness, who is by a lake and mountains
Book Cover image includes 2 youths sitting at the base of the earth
Book Cover image includes the bottom half of a statue's face and flowers.
book cover is a image of a child by a river and surrounded by nature
Book cover image of a person on a dystopian planet
Book Cover image includes a frog at the top and two people who are outside look at something in a bottle
Book cover includes an image of an astronaut with the reflection of earth in the face cover

Recommended Read-Aloud to Start Off the School Year

The Lost Canyon Under Lake Powell  by Elizabeth Kolbert. 

This article appeared in The New Yorker, 16 August 2021 (p.40-47)

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