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Intermediate Senior Science - Grades 9-10

Education Libarian

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Nathalie Soini
Education Library
Duncan McArthur Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 5R7
613-533-6000 x75566

Books in the Education Library

wonder women of science book cover
Stolen Science Book Cover
Fred & Marjorie book cover
Snoozefest the surprising science of sleep book cover
Hawking book cover
In the Dark book cover
This is your brain on stereotypes: how science is tackling unconscious bias book cover
It Takes Guts book cover
Chasing Bats and Tracking Rats book cover
Scientists: Inspiring tales of the world's brightest scientific minds book cover


This guide will help you find materials for teaching science at the grade 9-10 level in Ontario. It includes information on locating lesson plans, textbooks, relevant curriculum documents, and classroom materials such as kits and videos.

Guides for science in other grades can be found here.

Museum in the Classroom Kit

Conservation Paleontology: Using Ice Age Mammals to Explore Climate, Habitat, & Extinction

This spectacular palaeontology teaching kit contains fossil casts of ice age mammals such as the mammoth and saber-toothed cat, a teacher resource book written by Lindsey Carmichael, and more. A focus on habitat, climate change, and biodiversity make this Senior version of the kit appropriate for Grades 8-12  in Ontario.

Physical kits are available to borrow from the Education Library.
Location: Teacher Resource Room, QE 741.2.C66 2022
Check out the availability in Omni.
Check out the digital version.