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Systematic Reviews & Other Syntheses


Research by an inter-professional team from Queen's University highlights the educational needs and gaps of researchers conducting systematic reviews (McKeown et al., 2021). This inter-professional team has set out to develop a freely available, online module series titled The Essentials of Conducting Systematic Reviews to introduce researchers to all stages of the systematic review process. 

This module series is a collaboration between Health Sciences Librarian Sandra McKeown, Drs. Jennifer RitonjaZuhaib Mir, and Eleftherios Soleas, with the support of the Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship, the School of Medicine, and Bracken Health Sciences Library at Queen's University.

These modules cannot replace the value that direct support from librarians, biostatisticians or methodology experts can provide, but they can familiarize researchers and trainees with best practices and universally accepted reporting guidelines for performing high-quality systematic reviews.  

Module Series

The Essentials of Conducting Systematic Reviews module series is currently under development and content will be added/linked as it becomes available.

Module 1: Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Module 2: Developing Systematic Review Questions

Module 3: Systematic Review Protocols

Module 4: Searching for Eligible Studies

Module 5: Software to Support Systematic Reviews

Module 6: Screening Studies 

Module 7: Critical Appraisal of Studies

Module 8: Data Extraction

Module 9: Interpretation and Dissemination of Results



McKeown, S., Mir, Z., Ritonja, J., & Soleas, E. (2021). Systematic review support received and needed by researchers: a survey of libraries supporting Ontario medical schools. Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association / Journal De l’Association Des bibliothèques De La Santé Du Canada42(3).