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Legal Citation with the 10th edition of the McGill Guide

This guide provides an introduction to legal citation in Canada.

Citing Decisions of Administrative Bodies and Tribunals

Citations to decisions of administrative bodies and tribunals, as well as to arbitration decisions, generally follow similar rules as for jurisprudence (see How to Cite a Case – Pattern #1 (With Neutral Citation), Pattern #2 (With CanLII Citation), and Pattern #3 (Other Sources)).

To cite an unreported decision of a tribunal or administrative body that does not have a neutral citation, but is available online via a government agency or tribunal website, you may use this pattern instead:

CITATION ELEMENTS: Style of cause, date, docket or number (if applicable), the designation "online:", court/tribunal abbreviation, root URL of the webpage from which you retrieved the case, archived URL (see Citing Online Resources for more info).

EXAMPLE: Jovian Capital Corporation et al. (3 October 2013), online: OSC <> [].