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Legal Citation with the 9th edition of the McGill Guide

This guide provides an introduction to legal citation in Canada.

Citing Books

This is the citation pattern for books:

author, title, edition (if needed), place of publication, publisher, year of publication, pinpoint (if needed).


PW Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada, 2nd ed (Toronto: Carswell, 1985).  

Citation Breakdown:

A. Author's Name

  • initial(s) or first name (as it appears in the book), then last name  

B. Book Title

  • the title should be in italics

C. Edition Number

  • include if this is not the first edition (do not superscript st, nd, rd or th following the number)

D. Place of Publication

  • the city name is followed by a colon and contained in parentheses along with the publisher name and year of publication 

E. Publisher

  • write the name of the publisher as it appears on the title page

F. Year of Publication

  • indicate the year of the current edition

G. Pinpoint

  • Pinpoint to a page or section. See the following examples:

    PW Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada, 2nd ed (Toronto: Carswell, 1985) at 73.

    RJ Delisle, Evidence: Principles and Problems (Toronto: Carswell, 1984) at 129.