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SOCY 225: Globalization

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating your sources is a crucial step of the research process. Evaluate each source carefully to determine its appropriateness and quality. The guides below will assist you:

Citing Sources

Knowing how to cite another person's work properly helps you to:

  • give credit and acknowledge their ideas
  • avoid plagiarism
  • direct readers to the sources on which your research is based

ASA style (created by the American Sociological Association) is a widely accepted citation style used for writing university-level research papers in the discipline of sociology.  


Some library databases, including Omni and Sociological Abstracts, provide a citation tool that allows you to generate a citation in a specified citation style format. Always check for accuracy when using these citation generators.

Academic Integrity

Learn about academic integrity by taking this tutorial from Student Academic Success Services.

Avoiding Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is a serious offense. Citing your sources is one way to avoid plagiarism. To test your knowledge of plagiarism and how to avoid it, try this interactive tutorial created by Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University:

You Quote It, You Note It

Student Academic Success Services also has a helpful guide to help you through the writing process and avoid plagiarism.