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Distinguish Yourself with an ORCID iD

Institutional ORCID Membership

Membership of is now available to Canadian higher education institutions through a national consortium arrangement operated by the Canadian Research Knowledge Network.   The consortium is called ORCID-CA.

Queen's has recently joined this consortium, along with other stakeholders from across the HE sector, including institutions, researchers, research libraries, museums, consortia for research networks, computing, and content management, funders, publishers, software developers and nonprofit organizations.

For research institutions supporting the work of their researchers, ORCID has the potential to: 

  • Improving data quality for showcasing the institutions complete research profile through improved visibility and discoverability of research outputs accurately linked to researcher ORCID iDs
  • If integrated into existing internal and external research management systems such as the CCV, ORCID can automate the movement of research information between systems reducing manual data entry, thus minimizing the administrative burden on faculty.

For more information about the national consortium: ORCID-CA please visit: