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Distinguish Yourself with an ORCID iD

Why you should have an ORCID iD

The key benefits:

  1. Discoverability: ORCID increases the  discoverability of your publications, by enabling the seamless exchange of information across the research lifecycle and by helping readers to reliably find work you’ve authored.
  2. Convenience: As more organisations use  ORCID, providing your ID or using it to register for  services will automatically link activities to your profile, and save you  re-keying information multiple times.
  3. Keeping track: Your ORCID profile is a central place to record validated information about your research activities.

Make Your ORCID iD work for you

Put your ORCID ID to work – include it anywhere you want to ensure others discover the complete profile of your research.  For example: 

  • When prompted in manuscript submission systems, grant applications, and other research workflows including Faculty180
  • On your CV, faculty web page, your signature line
  • Add it to your social network accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn,, Mendeley, ResearchGate etc.