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Distinguish Yourself with an ORCID iD

Why you should have an ORCID iD

  1. An ORCID iD is for life: if you change institution your ORCID iD follows you
  2. ORCID iDs are increasingly being seamlessly integrated into the research workflows used by publishers, funders, professional associations, and other stakeholders across the research ecosystem.  This means that you can automatically ensure all your past and forthcoming grant awards, publications and other academic achievements are correctly attributed to you (and not a peer with a similar name)
  3. Unlike publisher identifiers, your ORCiD record is managed by you and stays with you throughout your career
  4. Others viewing your research profile such as a potential employer or funding committee will get a comprehensive and accurate profile of all of your academic achievements
  5. Many publishers now require submitting authors to have an ORCID iD
  6. You will need ORCID to complete a Research Data Management Plan using national tools such as the DMP Builder

Make Your ORCID iD work for you

Put your ORCID ID to work – include it anywhere you want to ensure others discover the complete profile of your research.  For example: 

  • When prompted in manuscript submission systems, grant applications, and other research workflows including Faculty180
  • On your CV, faculty web page, your signature line
  • Add it to your social network accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn,, Mendeley, ResearchGate etc.