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Evaluating Research Impact Using Altmetrics

Altmetrics and Your Research Profile

It is important to ensure that both you and your complete academic and research portfolio is represented accurately, enabling appropriate attribution, acknowledgement and showcasing to funders, potential collaborators and other interested in your work.

Altmetrics tools such as Altmetric and ImpactStory calculate impact indicators of research outputs using DOIs, PMID or arXivID as tracking IDs for research outputs such as articles. In addition many of these tools have added ORCID iD functionalities enabling you (or others looking at your research profile online) to search by ORCID iD to access 'attention data' for all the research outputs associated with an ORCID profile.

More information about ORCID iDs for researchers is below.

What is an ORCID iD

An ORCID iD is an unique researcher identifier which can be added to your research output to ensure that your work is easily distinguished from other researchers. ORCID is becoming an internation standard with over 2.9 million iDs registered by researchers. ORDIC iDs are increasingly being used by research organization, publishers, funders, professional association, and other stakeholders across the research ecosystem.


How to Get an ORCID iD

Faculty, staff and students can register for an ORCID by completing the registration form. It is recommended that you use your Queen's email address. You can add other email addresses to your profile once you have registered.

More Information about ORCID iD

For more detailed information about ORCID view the Distinguish Yourself and Your Research with an ORCID iD guide.