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HIST 330: History of Gender and Sexuality

Finding Books ....

Look for resources by searching Omni to find books, journals, videos and other materials owned by the Library.  You may search by keywords, author, title or subject headings.   

Subject Headings vs Keyword Searching

Subject headings allow you to search for resources on a particular author or topic and are often more productive than keyword searches. 

Keyword searches work best if you have multiple concepts or topics and need only a few books. 

For a comprehensive subject search, search with subject headings as well as keywords.

Searching Omni

Start with a keyword search, but expect to revise it. 

Keyword Searching TIPS

Search Technique  

What It Does

quotation marks

Searches for exact phrase

Truncation *

Searches for all forms of a word

Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)

Lets you broaden or narrow your search


When searching OMNI for books, use the facets located on the search results screen, to limit your search results to books & ebooks.

When you find relevant results, note the subject headings assigned. Refining your search using the same subject heading terminology may yield more precise results.

Subject Headings

They are many relevant subject headings. Some suggestions:
  • Women
  • Men
  • Sex differences
  • Sex education
  • Sex role
  • Gender identity
  • Feminism
  • Sexual orientation
  • Men's movement

Quite often these headings are further qualified by topical, geographic, or chronological subheadings.

  • Age of consent-- Canada
  • Gay liberation movement --United States--History-- 20th century
  • Masculinity--England--History
  • Sex and law--Canada
  • Sex discrimination--Law and legislation
  • Sexual consent--Canada.   

Blackwell Companions

The Blackwell Companion series of books are particularly useful for historiography since they give authoritative overviews of the scholarship that has shaped the understanding of a given subject, as well as ongoing debates among historians.

Search Omni "blackwell companions" in combination with terms like "american history," "world history," gender, etc.

Some titles include:

A Companion to Gender History

A Companion to Gender Prehistory
GN741.C574 2013

A Companion to Gender Studies

Browse the Stacks

Because this course is interdisciplinary, resources may be found in many different parts of the library.

Books on critical gender, sexuality and women's studies are located in the HQ call number areas.

The series, Genders and Sexualities in History, has new approaches to historical research in the fields of genders and sexualities.  The series  concentrates upon the interconnected themes of genders, sexualities, religions, civil society, politics and war.