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HIST 330: History of Gender and Sexuality

Suggested subject headings

Use the same subject headings you use to locate secondary resources, e.g. books, to locate primary ones by adding or looking for one of the special subject terms to your search. For example:

Sex customs--United States--History--Sources.

Women--Germany--Legal status, laws, etc.--History--Sources.

Sex role--United States--History--19th century--Sources.

Civilization, Medieval--Sources.

Sex differences (Psychology)--Great Britain--History--19th century--Sources.

Marriage--History--To 1500--Sources.

Marriage law--England--London--History--Sources.

Marriage customs and rites--New England--History--Sources.

Family--England--History--19th century--Sources.

England--Social life and customs--1066-1485--Sources.

Slavery--United States--History--Sources.


Primary Sources

Primary sources are original sources, in which its witnesses or first recorders describe a time, person or event.

Some types of primary sources include:

  • diaries and journals
  • speeches, interviews, letters
  • memoirs and autobiographies
  • government documents
  • published materials,  e.g. magazine and newspapers articles written at the particular time

For more information, check the Primary Sources page.

Historical Figures

If you know ot a person involved in the event or from the time period, browse for that person's name as an author for memoirs, diaries, correspondence, etc. To do this:

Click Browse in the top menu.

Select Browse by Author. Type in author's name - last name first.

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