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Exploring CIHI's Information Resources

Provides guidance in finding or otherwise accessing published and unpublished information from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

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CIHI Products

Below is a list of some key products available from the CIHI website. Your access to these products may differ based on whether you are affiliated with a Core Plan Subscriber institution.

Quick Stats are free, publicly available, reports that provide aggregate-level data at the provincial and territorial level about health care in Canada. There are 2 ways to view the data: interactive data (change time frames, diagnosis groups, hospital types, etc.) or re-formatted tables. 

Your Health System provides health system data on hospitals, long-term care facilities and the health of Canadians. 

  • In Depth - interactive data using indicators at national, provincial/territorial, regional, city and facility levels.  

  • In Brief - indicators in 5 themes – access, quality of care, spending, health promotion and disease prevention, and health outcomes. 

  • Insight – Login required. Only available to the Ministry of Health and submitting organizations.  

Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR) - collects clinical, surgical and prosthesis patient information on hip and knee replacement surgeries. 

Cardiac care - reports and tables looking at the indicators used to examine cardiac care. 

COVID-19 Intervention Scan - policies and other measures used to stop the spread of and improve health outcomes related to COVID-19. 

COVID-19 resources - Key reports and resources related to COVID-19. 

Dementia in Canada - looks at the impact that dementia has on the health system and challenges seniors face at home, in long-term care and in hospitals.  

Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) - administrative, clinical, and demographic information on hospital discharges.

  • Data files (clinical and geographic) with a 10% sampling of the database are available through <odesi>. Reference dates in these files were randomly assigned to selected individuals. Coverage - 2009-2010 to present.

Health Indicators e-Publication produced jointly with Statistics Canada. A compilation of 80 indicators measuring health status, non-medical determinants of health, health system performance, and health system characteristics. 

Health Inequalities Interactive Tool - explores health inequalities at national and provincial levels over time. 

Health workforce - data and information on 30 groups of health care professionals. Detailed information provided for: licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physicians, physiotherapists, registered nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses.  

Hospital Mental Health Database Metadata (HMHDB) - hospitalizations for mental health and addiction. 

Hospital Morbidity Database (HMDB) - administrative, clinical, and demographic information on inpatient discharges. 

Hospital spending - looks at hospital spending and emerging trends. 

Hospital stays in Canada - indicators for inpatient hospitalizations, surgeries, and childbirth. 

Indicator Library - health indicators including acute care, long-term care, rehabilitation, finance, spending and heatlh human resources. 

National Ambulatory Care Reporting System metadata (NACRS) - hospital-based and community-based ambulatory care. 

Potential Years of Life Lost: International Comparisons - compares the cause of premature death in 18 high-icome countries (deaths include cancer, heart disease, stroke, and external causes). 

Seniors in Transition: Exploring Pathways Across the Care Continuum - examines seniors in the publicly funded continuing care system. 

Wait Times - examines wait times and benchmarks for treatments.