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Exploring CIHI's Information Resources

Provides guidance in finding or otherwise accessing published and unpublished information from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

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Graeme Campbell

Requesting Unpublished Data

If the data you are looking for is not available through CIHI’s published information, it may be available through a custom data request. Both aggregate and record-level data can be requested in this way. Filling out and submitting CIHI’s Data Inquiry Form will initiate the process to determine if the data you are looking for can be made available to you, and whether the data and your use of the data will be subject to any restrictions or agreements.

CIHI’s Graduate Student Data Access Program allows qualifying graduate students to make custom data requests at no charge.

If you are not a graduate student, accessing CIHI’s data through custom requests is not free:

  • Custom data requests are provided on a cost-recovery basis, based on an hourly rate.
  • Pricing differs based on the type of institution you are affiliated with.
  • Universities are considered “Price A” clients, so researchers at Queen’s should be eligible for this lower hourly rate.

For more information about this process and the data available, you can refer to the following resources: